Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Twin "Bama" bears for the Nichols Twins

I love getting pictures of people with my Share-A-Bears.  Mary Jane and Macy loved their "Bama" bears - Roll Tide (that was painful to type since I am a Georgia fan).  Their grandma works with my mom.

Oklahoma City -- Help me make a difference

As a teenager, I  never think about not coming home from school.  My mom always makes a point of telling me "I love you" many times a day.  Sometimes I find that to be quite annoying, but now I have a little better understanding of why she does this.

Help me raise money for the families who are suffering from the deadly tornado.  My goal is to raise $300 to donate to the American Red Cross in Oklahoma City.  I can meet this goal by selling 20 teddy bears.  For each bear I sell, $15 will be donated to the American Red Cross and a "Shared bear" will be donated to the Children's hospital in Orlando where my brother is completing his residency.

Together, we can make a difference and hopefully bring a little peace of mind to the someone in need.

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Finals Week

Finals week is finally here.  I didn't get but a couple of bears finished this weekend because I spent the majority of the time studying for my Literature and Biology finals.

I cannot wait for school to be out for the summer, but I am really sad to see say "Good-bye" to my biology teacher Miss Smollar.   She is going back to school to study medicine.  I made her a going away bear that represents her new career path.

Good luck Miss Smollar, I am going to miss you.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Setting Goals: 100 Bears by July

My first goal is to take 100 bears to share with the Children's hospital where my brother Alan is completing his residency.  He is going to be a Pediatric Cardiologist.  He is an awesome big brother.

In order to share 100 bears with the children at the hospital, I have to make and sell 100 bears.  As of today, 35 bears have been donated through Share-A-Bear purchases.  $15 of each bear I sell is also donated to an organization that benefits children in need.  Through my Share-A-Bear sells and other fund raising opportunities, I have raised over $350 for a local literacy program.

I am learning how to keep track of expenses and how to live within a budget.  I told my mom that I was the CEO of Nina's Share-A-Bear.

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Roosters and Chicks Share-A-Bear

My Sister-in-law Sarah and brother Alan are coming Thursday for my brother Josh's graduation.  I cannot wait to see them.  I haven't seen them since Christmas.  Sarah is a teacher in Orlando and loves Roosters.  I made this bear for her.  I cannot wait to give it to her.

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Teacher Appreciation Week

Last week was Teacher Appreciation week.  I made a bear for each of my seven teachers.  I had a great time shopping with my mom and dad for fabric that was special for each teacher.  My teachers were so excited.  They wrote me really nice Thank You cards.  I was really worried that my history teacher would not like his "Star Wars" Share-A-Bear, but he really liked it and named it Chewey.  

I am also donating a bear in their name to the kids at the Children's hospital.  They thought this was a really cool idea.

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Relay for Life

I sold my first Share-A-Bear at the Rome/Floyd County Relay for Life.  To my mom's dismay, the Alabama "Roll Tide" bear was the most popular bear.  Everyone that stopped by the team tent really like the idea. My goal was to raise $100.  I exceeded my goal by raising $265.  It was such a fun night.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Thank you to 4my3boyz Fabric

I want to say a special "thank you" to Carol and the staff at 4my3boyz Fabric.  They helped my mom get the right material to make graduation bears.  My mom thought she was ordering 3 yards of material and she actually ordered 3 Fat Quarters.  Well, at least we know what Fat Quarters are now!!!!!

My mom shared my story with Carol.  Carol allowed me to return my 3 Fat Quarters and purchase the fabric by the yard.  She also donated fabric to me.  I was so excited when I got the box of fabric.  I cannot wait to make bears out of it.

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4my3boyz Fabric

Join me in Creating a Smile

I started my first fundraising project in September, 2011.  My mom was telling me about a co-worker's mom who was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and was not covered by private insurance or Medicare.  She needed money to pay for radiation treatments and surgery.  This is Ms Jeri's story:

Ms. Jeri Williams was a 63 year old widow living on Social Security.  Ms. Williams had no health insurance and was not eligible for Medicare\Medicaid.  She was diagnosed with Cancer in September and underwent radiation treatments in the hopes that the tumor would shrink enough to undergo surgery.  Her required medications were several hundred dollars a month.  Ms. Jeri did not win her battle against cancer, but she did win the hearts of everyone she came into contact with.

My brother Alan, is my other inspiration.  He is a very caring and compassionate person.,  He is currently a resident in a children's hospital in Florida.  He has completed three medical mission trips where he has been able to provide care for children in places like Ethiopia and Bangladesh.  I took great pride in being able to raise money for his trip to Bangladesh.

Nina's Share-A-Bear started as an idea to raise money to purchase stuffed bears to share with sick kids so they would have something to hug while going through their illness.  This evolved into making homemade bears.  With the support and help of my parents and other family friends (Cindy, Alice, Mary, Dawn and many more) I started "Nina's Share-A-Bear".

For every bear that I make and sell, I will make and donate a bear to the children's hospital in Florida where my brother is completing his residency.  This allows me to continue my fundraising projects from the proceeds of the bears that I sell and it also brings comfort and a smile to a hospitalized child.

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Welcome to Nina's Share-A-Bear

Welcome to Nina's Share A Bear.  I am making and selling bears to help provide a little something special to children that are sick.  For each bear that I sell, I am making and donating a "Share-A-Bear" to the hospital.  It is very scary for kids of all ages to have to spend time in a hospital.  My "Share-A-Bear" will hopefully bring a smile and provide comfort to hospitalized children and their families.

Visit my ETSY store:  Nina's Share-A-Bear