Thursday, February 27, 2014

Relay for Life Team Captain's Meeting

I went to our local Relay for Life team meeting tonight.  I wanted to see if i could get new ideas on how to get our Share-A-Bears to more people.

I suppose I should not have raised my hand when they asked who knew what type of fundraiser they were going to have at the event.

I did it, I got up in front of a small group of adults and told them about my bears.  Scary.

I actually had a bear with me and everyone loved it.  This year's Relay for Life theme is Mardi Gras.

They also told the group that I will be donating the bears for the survivor kids at this year's Floyd County Relay for Life (pretty cool and exciting stuff)

I also got a lot of good ideas that I am going to check with my school to see if we can do.  They have really cool coin cups, so I am going to see if we can have a contest to see whose homeroom collects the most money.

Comedy and Tragedy

One of my friends at school wanted a bear for someone that is into Theater.  Tragedy and Comedy mask material was pretty hard to find.  However, we found these really cool embroidery patterns.  It turned out really cool and she liked it a lot.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

2014 Floyd County Relay for Life

My goal to contribute for our Relay for Life Team (Friends Against Cancer) is $1,500.

So far, I have raised $700.00 by selling bears at craft shows, on ETSY and friends of my parents over the past few months.

Below is the Relay for Life Fundraising page where they posted the link to my ETSY store to distribute my fundraising opportunity

Relay for Life

Check out this Fundraiser!
Buy a special Nina's Share-A-Bear Between now and through the Floyd County Relay for Life event in April , and she will donate $15 for every cancer awareness bear purchased through her ETSY store ! She will also donate $15 for any other bear sold on her ETSY store with coupon code RELAY

In addition to the money Nina raises for Relay for Life, she will also be making and donating a 2nd bear for each bear she sells to the Children't hospital.

Nina's ETSY Store

Mom and I are working on Cancer Awareness Bears to sell to raise money for the Friends Against Cancer team.  Everyone wins with each purchase of a Share-A-Bear.

2014 Prudential Spirit of Community Awards

I received notice last week that I have been selected to receive an engraved bronze Distinguished Finalist medallion in The 2014 Prudential Spirit of Community Awards for outstanding volunteer work.

I placed as one of the top 6 high school students in the state of Georgia.  It has been almost a year since I started Nina's Share-A-Bear and I have sold over 220 bears, which means I get to make and donate 220 bears to the children's hospital.

Below is the link the Prudential Article

2014 Spirit of Community Awards